Friday, 9 June 2017

May's blind date with terrorism

What a difference a few days make.  Last weekend, following yet another murderous atrocity in London, the Tories and their media jackals were gunning for Labour again.  This clearly failed - until last night it was unwise and optimistic to contemplate anything other than a completion of the May hubris and the return of an apparently-endorsed band of sycophants and inadequates in an unassailed triumph, prepared for nothing more than five years of raging and campaigning.  Corbyn, friend of terrorists, appeaser and consistent pacifist, was the enemy within, prepared to sell out the national interest at the drop of a grenade pin.

Unsurprisingly, the U-turn followed humiliation.  May is so deluded that her legitimate right to attempt to form a government takes on the form of some kind of divine entitlement.  The broken democracy of Britain provided an easy route for her cupidity - while precluding any potential alternative formation of government within party boundaries.  Despite the collapse in the combined Tory and UKIP vote, May considers herself above both practical and ethical concerns.  She is a prostitute, looking for clients and power above everything else - and the fading whore cannot command the premium that would come with pristine goods.

In announcing her strategy of treating with the Democratic Unionist Party she finally laid to rest any delusion that the Tories are interested in governing for the wider good.  Their venality and immorality is a good match for their alignment with Trump's deranged corruption.  The DUP is, in its current incarnation the embodiment of everything that is wrong with sectarian, fundamentalist politics.  Its purported Christianity is a deformed perversion of humanist and religious values.  Its denizens have murky pasts, directly or indirectly associated with violence, intimidation and terrorism.  In the hours immediately following the exit poll May has discarded any of the principles she claimed to have been inspired with to sup with the devil.

The short-term consequence of this will be to entrench a dictatorship and create the illusion that the Tories can establish a theocracy akin to those sought by the terrorists they so roundly excoriated and attempted to associate their opponents with.  This is vile and beneath contempt.

The arrogance of assuming that, as no other party can form an immediate government, that this legitimises collusion with the unspeakable will come back to bite May.  The concessions that she will be forced into will be beyond any reasonable proportion and will conflict with the basic duty of government including their oaths of allegiance.  This is treasonable behaviour.  It is also another prime example of expediency trumping strategy - the effect of short-term implicit coalition will be to taint the Tory brand just at the time when she has both alienated its existing supporters and provided no justification for new and recently-engaged electors to even consider voting for a hypocritical, Armalite-hugging bunch of idiots.

There are the hysterical echoes of 2010 resounding.  In that year, David Cameron failed to form a government and sucked the Liberal Democrats into his porcine embrace.  The consequences this time round are unlikely to screw over the acolytes, but will rebound on the instigators.  May might have scored a breathing space if she had tried to reach out to the 55% of electors who did not endorse her, but instead she has donned the balaclava and will take the consequences.  Nemesis, I suspect, will come sooner rather than later - but in pushing the fundamentalist button she is playing well above her capability and the consequences may be gruesome.

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