Sunday, 4 June 2017

Enough is enough: myopia and the cult of fear

It is seldom that one feels both shame and visceral anger to the extent that Theresa May engenders.  After another terrorist assault, destroying and fracturing lives, her attempt at virtue-signalling is to apparently suspend election campaigning, while using her current position to spew out the repressive and excessive authoritarianism that lies at the centre of the Tory manifesto.  This is a new low, even for the reptilian amorality that she has evidenced throughout this self-seeking and destructive election.

The hubris and hypocrisy that underpins her vileness is blatant: the farrago of idiocy that "enough is enough" demonstrates is black and evil.  Who, Madame May, was Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016?  Which of your inadequate minions is now allegedly performing the role?  Is it Amber Rudd, the harridan of Hastings, who tried to shut down debate on the links between the Tories and the Saudi regime, apparently the principal funders of the terrorists whose vicious hatred sowed death and destruction in London last night, joining a long and despairing list of European cities?

Hopefully there will be those in the media and in the opposition who are prepared to articulate this.  The Tory approach is to deflect and denigrate.  Quite frankly, I do not care whether Jeremy Corbyn had dialogue with the IRA or Sinn Fein, thirty years ago.  I do care that the Tories, with their manic xenophobia and criminal irresponsibility, are attempting to undo the entire Irish peace process in the name of their "no deal" Brexit.  I do care that the lure of financial deals in the arms trade shows an indifference that is both sociopathic and comic - Tom Lehrer's "once the rockets are up who cares where they come down" epitomises the morality of this hollow daughter of the clergy.

The Tories have presided over a steady unravelling, accelerated since their victory in 2015.  Boris Johnson attempts to smear Labour, conveniently forgetting that he himself beseeched the Mendacity of Maidenhead for more policing capital as recently as October 2015.  He has done nothing in his vile career that could be seen as in the national interest - a tinpot Donald Trump at best - and sinks to the level of his mentor whenever given the chance.

May's attempt to steal the initiative back is blatant, and, after her canting song of scumminess on the steps of Downing Street, she deserves all the obloquy she can get.  If she wins the election this will be on the back of mendacity and, at one level, the suspicion that she is exploiting others' misery.  An illegitimate government, populated by bastards of both sexes.  Given the mess and the evil that they have sown, it is almost tempting to say that they deserve to win.  The nations of Britain, however, deserve better than these clowns and Pharisees.

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