Thursday, 8 June 2017

Be prepared

Despite all the positives, the strongest probability remains that the currently United Kingdom faces another five years of Tory rule.  Tonight may well see defeats for politicians we agree with, admire and whose loss from the Commons will further diminish its already illegitimate status.  We may be in for a further outbreak of hubris, contempt, ignorance and the idiotic repetition of "you lost, get over it".

As with the European referendum, the consequences and impact will be delayed.  It would not be an overnight plunge from authoritarian drift to totalitarian desperation.  The constant attrition of civilised standards and behaviour are already making it impossible to identify a tipping point, but it will surely come.  While being able to point to the relatively-simple gift of using evidence and inductive reasoning that permits the "I told you so" response, and providing reminders that the consequence of elections is to change representatives and therefore the potential government, there will be a natural flight response, leaving the field to the smug and the simple who will rejoice in their own complicity in immolation.

This will be rational, both personally and collectively, at least for a time.  For those of us who have spent all our enfranchised lives more or less on the losing side, or where solace can be drawn from activities beyond the political sphere, a break from engaging is probably necessary to preserve our sanity.  Outrage, complaint and resistance are all legitimate, but the negative and the futile cannot be the focus of existence while we wait for the catastrophes to embed themselves in the consciousness of the willing dupes of foreign interests, plutocrats and manipulators.

Focusing on the achievable, and moulding the consequences to minimise the impact, will be critical.  Harnessing discontent and the realisation that parts of the electorate have been played is a task which needs careful planning and articulation - there will be huge communities, both geographical and interest group, that will have been disenfranchised by a Tory win.  Working to articulate demands and setting out change, be it for national self-determination or organised resistance to the cruel and venal implications of Tory policy, and ensuring that there is evidence and there are networks in place to undermine the subversion of politics will be a long-term requirement.

Yet all this is in the future.  Disappointment is the likeliest outcome, followed by rage, impotence and resignation.  If this election gives May what she wants, then she has the floor to impose her narrow-minded idiocy and her deliberately suicidal policies - and the consequences will flow back to her.  Resisting this so far has been active and articulate, the time for contemplation of her numerous weak points and their exploitation may recommence tomorrow morning with a five-year horizon for what she would regard as "subversion and disobedience".  Tactics will be all, and playing the long game to shift the shapes of politics is fundamental.  Circumstances change - my hunch is that the Tories, should they be crowing tonight, will face their nemesis rather sooner than anyone can currently comprehend.

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