Tuesday, 18 April 2017

When in doubt, invoke God and lie for England

Theresa May continues to demonstrate the rank hypocrisy and the opportunism of the publicly Christian.  Had it not been for the announcement of her entirely predictable General Election stunt, yesterday's appropriation of the religious mantle and her mendacious and repugnant attempt to interpret far-right rhetoric as a justification for a form of self-aggrandisement that could never be described as either honest or moral would have formed the basis of a lengthy diatribe.

Instead of which, she has now taken the route that Tory opportunists love.  Exploiting the absence of any cohesive Labour response that could be regarded as displaying vital signs, let alone the spark of genuine opposition, she has manoeuvred Corbyn into acceding to the likely demise of his own party.  Against the background of a process to isolate the UK, ignoring the constitutional crisis that her actions have engineered in Ireland and Scotland, alongside the early warnings that the predictions of the alleged Project Fear are likely to be seen as over-optimistic, and a global crisis of a kind not seen since the 1980s, and May's irresponsibility and treason are nothing if not obvious.

If Labour had any guts, they would not be rolling over and allowing May to stride around as though she is a legitimate leader, with majority support and a proper mandate.  They would be refusing to subvert the purpose of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, which was not, as the convenient far right cretins parrot, a means to ensure coalition but to avoid the historic manipulation of the economy for short-term political gain.  They would be calling for her resignation and a no confidence vote, while stringing out the process to allow the CPS to identify and charge any Tory for whom they have reasonable proof that corruption stole the 2015 General Election.

Opposing this criminal gang is a duty that should be made much easier by May's hubris and arrogance.  In making this election purely around her conduct of the unassisted suicide that is Brexit, she is unleashing all the unspoken demons of the constitutional bankruptcy of the UK.  The rhetoric of "will of the people" and the false, snivelling surprise that there is opposition to her inconsistent, party-management approach to government is the ravings of a woman unfit for office, leading a bunch of chancers, sycophants and many scared that their cupidity and criminality will be found out.

The election will become a de facto referendum on Scottish independence.  Nothing would be more satisfying than to watch the inadequate Uriah Heep of Dumfries being given a kicking to restore the non-Tory status of Scotland, with Mundell's scalp being a priority for all those who regard the discrepancy between May's "now is not the time" response to an elected government and her blatant party political scumminess in calling an election now when she has spent the last nine months pretending to be a force for stability and unity.

I am lucky in that I shall fill in my ballot paper, in Scotland, with a clear conscience that voting for an effective MP I will not be selling the country short.  Elsewhere, unless Labour manages to recognise that it is not fighting for its own life but the country's, opposition will be a matter of constituency calculation.  In England in particular, the Liberal Democrats and Greens need to have a good local government campaign to unsettle the Tories who assume that they can pick off Labour at will while growing their own base.  National polls tell a story of disillusion with Labour - but the breakdown of two-party politics does not provide the evil forces with an automatic ticket to establish the kind of dictatorship they wish.

It is not realistic, sadly, to suspect that May will not be returned with a working majority.  However, they have gambled yet again on the nations' future, with a proven liar at their head.  Whatever the inadequacies of Corbyn, an election will be fought on the basis of the damage, mendacity and illusion that she has peddled on behalf of others.  If Scotland and Northern Ireland continue to buck the Tory trend, then the game-changer may not be May's securing of five years of thraldom, but the final ending of the Union she has snivelled over with such cant and crocodile tears.  It's a gamble that she is unlikely to win, whatever the outcome of her vanity project.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

A feral government turns criminal

Rational analysis is doomed to failure.  In the context of the current administration that squats, venally, in Westminster, interpretation of its actions and motivations cannot be driven by ideology, morality or honourable intentions.  The combination of directly-suicidal actions and a psychopathology of apocalyptic amorality mirrors May's preference for dealing with fellow afunctional monsters - Trump and Putin are closer to her warped vision than politicians whose roots are in the Enlightenment tradition.

The self-seeking and moronic mantra of "will of the people" remains the standard propagandist response when challenged on any action relating to Brexit.  Alongside the cheerleading of the Labour front bench, this is a prime deflection from the depths of odium to which the Tories are sinking.  Whatever views that you hold on the provision of social security, the revelation of the intrusive, demeaning and evil requirements placed on victims of sexual violence to "prove" entitlement to support "excess" children marks a new low in the immoral and evil stigmatisation of groups who will never vote Tory, so their rights can be expunged.

Evil does sow the seeds of its own destruction.  To watch the troll-like Ruth Davidson behave like a nodding dog in supporting the dismantling of society has been educational, showing the veneer that the Scottish Tories have used to sham application for readmission to the human race is toxic and peels  off whenever the London apparatus calls for unconditional loyalty.

Whatever previous Tory administrations have been, they have never descended to this level of ignorance and vindictiveness.  The Thatcher years were typified by monomania and sociopathy, but not by a deliberate and sustained assault on reason and the fearful lashing-out at those who see through the windy, hypocritical rhetoric.  Thatcher's Tories were not venal toadies to the media - though she owed favours to Murdoch she did not allow him and Paul Dacre to dictate every aspect of policy.  Thatcher's legacy was malevolent, but she did not make out that opposition was in some way treasonable and to be attacked as a diversion - May has much more in common with Pinochet and Trump than any legitimate strand of British political thought.

To be attacked by the Daily Mail is now routine.  The Liberal Democrats, maintaining a pro-European position and actually opposing the regime, are now "enemies of the people".  The excellent New European, unafraid to articulate a rational partisanship and deploying the techniques of attack journalism effectively, is a similar demon to the hypocritical, Euro-grabbing Dacre and his retinue of sycophantic purveyors of fascism.  They are scared that the forces of reaction and hatred they have unleashed will come back to bite them when their self-seeking Nazi tropes are shown to have promoted the interests of the oligarch and the venal at the expense of the credulous whose resentments they have channelled.  Bring it on.

Every act that this idiotic and treacherous administration commits demonstrates a delusional inadequacy.  A week ago, Lord Howard whipped up hysteria and a third-rate jingoism against Spain - attempting to deflect from the reality that the status of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands has not been secured by the suicidal failure of the Tories to contemplate the long-term consequences of their internal battles with UKIP.  The hysterical schoolmistress response of May to her constant outwitting by the infinitely-superior Nicola Sturgeon provides headlines for the poodle press but does nothing to support the Union that is allegedly so precious t her.

The Electoral Commission has concluded that the Tories secured their victory in 2015 through means that were illegitimate.  There are criminal investigations that run deep through May's diseased apparatus. This is a slow-motion unravelling of a government whose roots are built on sand, and who would be failing in England if there was any sign of fight from the opposition party with the greatest parliamentary representation.  May is, instead, basking in the approbation of returning UKIP defectors.  To regard endorsement by Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless as an achievement demonstrates the moronic sectarianism to which the Tories are descending.

Perhaps May's paymasters are delighted with this.  Self-harm and national destruction are not required by the Oath of Allegiance to the monarchy (another anachronism behind which the Tories tend to hide whenever their legitimacy is challenged).  However, they are not the acts of a rational leader.  Unless her accountability is elsewhere, as I suspect many of her payroll vote and supine backbenchers tend to face east, this is more serious than merely being an inadequate liar with no moral compass and immense chutzpah.

My increasing view is that May is sick.  Sick in the sense of believing that she is right, and is doing the right thing even when it is manifestly wrong and all the evidence goes against it.  It is closer to Munchhausen's Syndrome than Ayn Rand.  Her actions are systematically skewed against rational outcome, and only because she is not called out on this does the bandwagon continue to roll.  Reasonable people would assume that in a leader, with responsibility, will act accordingly - and it is much harder and difficult to accept the contrary despite all the evidence.

Ironically, it may be easier to understand the damage being inflicted on Britain and Europe by avoiding any reference to political ideology.  May's delusions and depravity are not detectable, but there is a cumulative pattern of both idiocy and determination to pursue evil even in the face of evidence.  With lackeys in the press and the BBC, the deflection and cover-up is perfected.  Given the abuse of a position of trust, it may well turn out to be that the inspiration behind the current vileness is unconsciously not Margaret Thatcher but Harold Shipman.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Madness, Mayhem and April idiots

When Theresa May finally launched the death rattle of the United Kingdom, it seemed axiomatic that the march of moronism would continue.  For the last nine months, it has been clear that the fascists, the cretins and the traitors are now in control - and that their insecurity, inadequacy and downright ignorance would prevail for a time.  Incoherent catastrophe has been the order of the day, with everyone unprepared to support catastrophism marginalised and vilified as an "enemy within".

The stupidity of the current administration now borders on the criminal.  While Liam Fox is off greasing up to the President of the Philippines, a man whose respect for the process of law is clearly an exemplar to the snivelling droolers who make up May's retinue, we have the undead patrolling the world.  An ironist could not better today's Murdoch-dictated "Up Yours Senors" (incidentally left off the Scottish edition of the Scum) underneath a cheap holiday offer for the monobrowed to enjoy a trip to Spain uncluttered by any manifestation of local culture or interaction.  They could not make up the sight of Howard threatening a NATO partner with invasion.  They could not imagine the sheer stupidity of an administration that is now, when faced with the reality of being marginalised, completely clueless.

For several years, both before and after the 2010 election, many reasonable people from the centre-right leftwards assumed that Cameron had recognised that the incontinent racism and cluelessness of the Tory Party needed to be overhauled.  What is now blindingly obvious, except to the tribal idiots of Labour, is that the only reason that Cameron's first administration did not collapse into general riot and social confusion was the Coalition and the requirement not to provoke the Liberal Democrats into  walking out.  With 20/20 hindsight, they should have walked in 2011, but in tempering the vileness of the current Tory kleptocracy Clegg both mitigated and, unfortunately,  vindicated Cameron's attempt to smear varnish over the Tory beast within.

May's usurpation of power has been complete, without legitimacy or mandate.  Labour's self-indulgent, introverted tribalism has supported this - an opposition to the lunacy and sectional self-interest of the oligarchs and Little Englanders is the least that anyone should have expected.  Instead we have  Corbyn and his armchair acolytes actively conniving against the interests of the wider community, and being rewarded with opinion poll ratings that are generous in the light of their passivity, cupidity and rank denial of any obligation to challenge the march of dictatorship.

In a week, Britain has been transformed from a country pursuing a suicidal policy to a laughing-stock, international pariah and failed state.  The Tories are reduced to attacking the Scots, the Irish and the Spanish, as they have no legitimacy or rational argument to put forward that makes their case valid.  Their cheer-leaders in the press become both more repugnant and more hysterical as it becomes clear how far they have abetted the process that will lead both to the economic ruin and the destruction of the sectional interests for which they regard May as an acceptable ventriloquist's dummy - think a combination of Sooty and Nigel Farage.

The word is treachery.  There is no reason to support the legitimacy of the clowns, oligarchs and canting right-wing unemployable dribblers (think Melanie Phillips, think Isabel Oakeshott - a verb beyond their palette of chlorophyll) - and to work to rescue what can be saved for the future.  In the next three months, May's hubris and smugness will be derailed.  It will be a cause for celebration, as the destruction of the idiocy and cupidity coincides with a realisation of the need for a fundamental upsetting of the existing orthodoxy.  When those useful idiots, the fodder and the victims, realise how much they have been played, the consequences will be ugly - the task will be to make sure that May, Murdoch, Dacre and the fellow-travelling far right are the subject of whatever form of rancour and retribution is appropriate.