Monday, 29 August 2016

Autumnal days for the British delusion

One of the many useful practices that the French have maintained is a near-complete cessation of activity in August.  Abstaining from blogging for over a month has partly been an exercise in determining whether the post-referendum anger and despair would evolve into anything remotely approaching acceptance and the ability to adopt the retreaded optimism of the "Open Britain" brigade, whose assumption that the argument is all but lost is typical of the Stockholm Syndrome that allowed Nick Clegg to be hoodwinked by Cameron.  How long ago the machinations of Coalition seem to have been.

The absence of any strategy, or acknowledgement from Theresa May that her usurpation of power needs to be accompanied by a recognition of her obligations to the nations of the UK, not to maintaining power games within the Conservative Party, is despicable.  Labour's implosion into what, to a concerned outsider, appears to be a sectarian scrap whose outcome will not be good, has let the charlatans, spivs and corrupt poltroons off the hook.  I really do not care who leads Labour, but I do want someone prepared to engage with the wider groups of citizens whose interests are not led by ideological commitment to a leader whose appeal is at best romantic, at worse delusional.

There is no clear policy, no any recognition that "taking back control" does not imply an uncritical acceptance that the emerging dire consequences of Brexit discussion are a price worth paying.  For Parliament to be bypassed would be a final insult and a rallying-cry for the of us who believe that the state needs to be legitimate for it to exercise any control.  What form the destruction of civil society will take may depend on the progress towards an alternative model put forward by the left.

In the meantime, the crisis is around the consequences of prerogative power being hijacked.  I see little acknowledgement that partisan mutterings and spin are obstacles rather than enablers to an effective opposition.  There is nothing wrong with exploring the consequences of an advisory referendum, but enacting them in the face of their evident insanity would be the act of traitors and those who consider doing this should be removed from power by all legitimate means.