Sunday, 11 March 2018

The unbearable triteness of Corbyn

Surveying the chaos and downright incompetence that the Tories are perpetrating, it is on occasion difficult to remember that the function of the opposition is to challenge and where possible frustrate the actions of imbeciles and traitors.  In the period since I last attempted to articulate anything beyond open-mouthed disbelief, disdain and contempt for the farrago of lies, ineptitude and self-seeking hypocrisy that the disgraceful Theresa May and her cronies are spewing out on a regular basis, there has been enough material to hang them from every political gibbet on offer.

Instead, the leadership of the alleged official opposition party is desperately trying both to enable the Tories to commit national suicide and to escape the blame for it.  The former is despicable, the latter is a tactic that those of us with long memories will recollect as being identified with the less intelligent strands of the hard left over the decades.  Unsurprisingly, given the nature of the current Labour leadership, its instincts are rooted in the pseudo-internationalism that relies upon besmirching the European project in the context of the Cold War and the Anglo-Soviet Friendship Society - astroturf before the term was invented for the rats of the Taxpayer's (sic) Alliance.

Corbyn and McDonnell are entirely consistent in their denigration of the European dimension of politics.  Their approach was forged in the 1970s and 1980s, where the catastrophism of Tony Benn's Alternative Economic Strategy coincided with the sense of national crisis and particularism that the right-wing media are continuing to peddle today to justify their proprietors' aims to reduce their tax bill and impose fealty.  The hard left were useful idiots to this construction then, and they are definitely playing along with this now for reasons unfathomable.

Hostility to Europe is hard-wired.  Labour's official position was aligned with Enoch Powell in the 1970s, and it was only the actions of the alleged traitors such as Roy Jenkins that allowed Heath to pass the European Communities Act in the first place.  Tony Benn and Michael Foot, both justifiably celebrated as intellectual and political mavericks, campaigned alongside Powell and others to withdraw from the EEC in the decisive referendum of 1975.  It might have been more honest for Corbyn to align himself with the Leave side in the unresolved plebiscite of 2016.  But Corbyn is no Foot, nor a Benn, however much his hagiographic cultists wish to portray him.

Again, the history of Labour during the period of its long decline was one of anti-European xenophobia.  The 1983 manifesto was unambiguously opposed to the EU, and it was only during the period where Kinnock shifted the party to within a hair's-breadth of electoral success that a more measured approach was adopted - a still-justifiable recognition that flawed institutions are best reformed from the inside, rather than by shouting abuse and pretending superiority.  This played out well for Blair as the Tories tore themselves to shreds after the Lisbon Treaty, while Corbyn voted, more often than not, aligned with the hard right.  A Hoey avant la lettre.

One of the characteristics of the hard left is its inability to engage with ambiguity.  The casuistry that Corbyn has permitted Labour to sink into has been redolent of the worst kind of theological discourse, without even a veneer of moral underpinning.  Over the last two months a discourse over the meaning of the customs union, with or without a definite article, has been the sole focus of Labour's official opposition to the suicidal tendencies of May, Johnson, Fox and Davis.  The vacuity of "jobs-first Brexit" remains unchallenged, although when many of my fellow dissidents dare to express our distaste for the moronic mantra we are howled down as not being true believers in the death cult.

Not that this worries his cheerleaders, who seem wedded to the idea that somehow one more heave will bring in the millennium.  While the UK"s national parody of democratic representation ensures a continuation of the media conspiracy of binary choice, the reality is that it will not remain the case, and that the fissile nature of political support does not guarantee an unfettered mandate for any party - especially one that has indicated that the tactical supporters it craves, especially those for whom the abandonment of the extreme Brexit idiocy is the principal determinant of support, should be ignored and belittled.  That is the approach that Militant and others used to test the commitment of their recruits - voters have other choices and will make them.

Recent pronouncements from the Labour leadership have been even less reassuring.  Playing the racist card is yet another throwback to the Powellite position.  The economically-illiterate bleating about the labour market seems to exist in doublethink, alongside the claims that the EU blocks nationalisation - despite the RMT and other hard-of-thinking cheerleaders constantly complaining that nationalised European utilities are able to enter the UK market.  At worst, it suggests that Powell's cynical support of Harold Wilson in the February 1974 election has made a subconscious impact on the hard left.  At best they are sticking to their wooing of the UKIP vote, which has now returned to its natural home in the Tory party, finding the racism and fascism of Rees-Mogg much more to its taste.

Were Corbyn genuine, he would be attempting to lead.  Instead, he ignores the elephant in the room that would render all his properly-identified policies that differentiate Labour from the Tories to become irrelevant.  Domestically, they are infinitely better than the oppressive, authoritarian garbage emitted by the current incompetent usurpers, bound as they are to the DUP, a party of neanderthals who would make Donald Trump blush.  If Labour wanted to win, they would not be spending their time virtue-signalling but engaging with the reality of what would need to be set out as the consequences of an electoral victory.  Meanwhile, the SNP has already started a redistributive taxation reform!

There would be no shame in Labour now adopting an approach that acknowledged the 2016 plebiscite without committing to its implementation without reference back either to Parliament or the electorate.  When John Major is more radical than Corbyn, alarm bells should be ringing.  If there is a strategy from within the Labour party apparatus, it appears to be to hope that the electorate blames May for the catastrophe while keeping a safe distance.  It won't wash, because there is much more than they can and could do to address the issues and inform people as to the consequences.  This plays right into the hands of the 62 Tory flat-earthers who hold May hostage - a smart opposition would exploit this.  As it stands, hand-wringing and Socialist Organiser throwbacks have captured and paralysed a party that should be standing on the threshold of power - and instead may well slip backwards when the mask of throwback idiocy slips.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The unsightly unravelling of idiots

The Tories are ending 2017 where they began it, but without a majority.  It would have been a brave prediction that they would have called and lost a General Election a year ago, let alone that there are still people out there who regard Jeremy Corbyn as a herald of socialist purity rather than as a grubby Tory enabler.  Irony is lost on them - they pour scorn on reports that Nick Clegg is to receive a knighthood on the basis of his coalition collusion with Cameron, while taking umbrage at those of us who remind them that the Labour front bench has piroutted with Theresa May in the Brexit dance of death.

You do have to wonder whether the thirty pieces of silver extracted from May by the Klan in Northern Ireland were necessary, given the extent to which the Labour Party has connived in pursuing the alleged will of that section of the people permitted a vote in a 2016 advisory referendum.  The role of politicians should be to argue, to lead and to debate - not to pretend that their hands are tied behind their back.  Adults are able to take their responsibilities seriously, without constant reference to events that are increasingly looking like a subversion of even what passes for democracy at the UK national level.

May’s predicament gets worse - how many more Ministers can she lose?  The efforts to “draw a line” as each sleazy episode lurches to its unsavoury conclusion resemble the last days of the Major administration, except that the talent within the Conservative Party is now so abysmal that it would be difficult to conceive who else could possibly be promoted that won’t result in hyperventilation by the hard right whose agenda she pursues with a messianic insanity.  If the latent contradictions of the policy she is enabling do not emerge with massive force over the next six months then surprise will be a reasonable minimum.

All the evidence points to utter incompetence and imbecility on the part of politicians at Westminster, which will eventually come back to haunt them.  Without an executive branch either resourced or able to deliver the contradictory outcomes desired by the corrupt and the venal, the next stage of negotiations with Brussels and our erstwhile allies will result in humiliation - especially when being harried by the devolved nations and a united, non-partisan opposition outside Parliament.  This could be the salvation of Labour, but it appears to be completely oblivious that its enabling of national suicide will not result in sustained support.

The prospects are bleak, but evil usually sows its own destruction.  The cliches are out, but this may be the darkest hour before the realisation that a sovereign state can reverse its own mistakes.  Hopefully there will be enough intellect left when the traitors, enablers and colluders are deposed for there to be something better emerging from the wreckage.  That’s about as optimistic as one can get at the moment.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Blue passports for local people, sugar tits

The League of Gentlemen used to be black beyond one’s darkest comprehension.  In the current state of Britain its return felt akin to providing pointers as to the degeneration and pathetic posturings of a government in hock to a cabal of self-interested bigots and inadequates.  The icing on the cake was the culmination of the new series coinciding with the defenestration of Damian Green, confidant and mentor to a Prime Minister even now crawling to the Polish government, themselves facing censure and sanction for violating the rule of law.

Perverting the standards and conduct of public life appears to be vocational for the Tories.  We shouldn’t forget Anne Widdecombe and Michael Howard defending the shackling of pregnant mothers and refusing to take responsibility as the decision was “operational” not “policy”. From that moment on, even the relatively toothless Ministerial Code was devalued.  Given the intellectual calibre of May’s current maladministration, it would be unsurprising were the Cabinet Room not to have large, socialist realist posters emblazoned with “don’t get caught, but if you do, lie about it”, on each wall.  From council chamber, via the devolved nations, through to Westminster, every level of the party is contemptible and sleazy.

Green’s departure was lengthy and painful to behold.  Clearly May cannot afford to lose what passes for an ally in the collection of amoral inadequates that forms the Tory talent pool, although, had David Davis actually carried out his threat to depart in solidarity it might have been a price worth paying.

As we know, every time Davis opens his mouth he contradicts his previous utterances, which since they were lies to begin with seems to be a pattern of sociopathy that deserves treatment, isolated from the world.  Every lie diminishes him and the UK - from the risible “impact assessments” that appear to have been cobbled together by remedial GCSE students to his apparently loyalty to a colleague already known to have been involved in activities that in any other context would have resulted in dismissal.  That he remains in a senior position, presiding over a Department with a critical task that no sane civil servant would want to associate themselves with, is perfect testimony to May’s impotence and cupidity.

Meanwhile, Mark Garnier, an undistinguished Tory who would not normally have troubled the IQ or visibility scorecard, has been exonerated for calling a member of his staff “sugar tits”.  Whatever the casuistry, this demonstrates further that May’s hypocritical rhetoric on her accession about a liberalised society is complete hokum.  A Pharisee at best, a sock puppet for the reactionaries who want to turn the clock back to 1820 is a more likely analysis of her motivations and incentives.  It would be amusing were crowds to display “Hello Sugar Tits” banners every time she appears in public, not that this should ever be condoned as it would further demean the authority of government, which the Tories carry out with aplomb and without assistance.

As everyone from the IMF to the more sensible Parliamentarians recognises that the current course of UK government policy is pointless self-harm, the response of the Tories is to create beer and circuses.  As Jeremy Hunt, who is morally the equivalent of the vet in Royston Vasey in terms of his impact on patients, presides over an NHS starved of the funds that his cronies promised it, we get the idiot Brandon Lewis popping up to explain that the feelgood factor will be restored, even for Remainers, by the return of blue passports in 2019.

The far-right echo chamber of the print media will probably hail this as the culmination of forty years of struggle - as it distracts from the pathetic inability of the government to conduct its business in the national interest.  Having been advised by MPs of the laughable state of its assessment of the impacts of its immolation strategies, we could, in a rational world, expect Ministers to commission proper work in advance of any decision on the end state that they are seeking - instead of which we had two hours of posturing on Tuesday and ploughing on regardless.

The last twelve months have been surreal, but this may just be the beginning.  May is now locked into pursuing a policy that every rational being would regard as extremely risky, dangerous to social cohesion and downright immoral.  There is increasing evidence that the foundations upon which the entire “will of the people” trope has been based are weak and crumbling, and anyone with pretensions of leadership would be looking to chart a sensible course rather than steer straight into the whirlpool. Local laws for local people is both a lie and a delusion, but that is the only jibe that the Brexit fanatics appear to retain.  When the criminals and simpletons reign, the outcome is macabre.  From Royston Vasey to Maidenhead this is the essential message of Christmas 2018 in Little Britain.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

The slow-motion toppling of Theresa May

Historians have the luxury of identifying defining moments with the benefit of hindsight.  Living in chaotic and uncharted times, the noise of events drowns out perspective, and each incremental stage becomes imbued with a massive significance that it may not deserve.  The defeat of Theresa May’s authoritarian coalition with the Democratic Unionists (a party who take two words to explain what they stand against) last week was both welcome and a further staging post in the unravelling of a seditious administration.  It is not necessarily the defining event.

The response of the fascist right was predictable and vicious.  For 11 Tory MPs it resulted in vilification and worse - death threats are now normalised from those who follow the advice of the extreme press.  The language of “rebel”, “mutineer” and “saboteur” - all epithets with which anyone sane would be prepared to embrace given those who bestow them - creates an atmosphere where the monobrowed idiots are impelled to behave as though those who disagree with them have to be despatched.  It is not a matter of Henry VIII powers, but the murderous outlawdom of Henry II with Thomas Becket.

One of the key drivers of this incitement, for which Paul Dacre and his vile Daily Mail would face prosecution in a state where the rule of law prevailed, is a recognition of how much their extremism is not founded on anything more than shallow rabble-rousing and manipulation.  Given the parallels with Hitler’s approach to the usurpation of power, the coup’s prime movers should consider the impact of a regime’s collapse in the face of reality.  The Little England Brexiter narrative is based around the false prospectus of British supremacy - they would do better examining both how the Nazi Party collapsed in 1944 and 1945 and the subsequent repudiation even by those who actively or passively complied with the regime.  Debrexitisation may be less painful, but the way in which the right’s propaganda machine has normalised fascism and intimidation renders this a possibility rather than a probability.

In pushing the spurious “will of the people” trope as a justification for closing down debate and the freedom of legislators to take action, the right is playing with fire.  While a Commons vote, taking back control from an inept and incompetent Cabinet, securing one of the ostensible aims of the leave campaign, they are reduced to casuistry.  Every headbanging inadequate is claiming that this weakens Theresa May’s hands in negotiations - negotiations that are unnecessary, and which with the balance of powers she is bound to lose, humiliatingly.  This is a desperate throw by a group that recognises that its fundamentals are being rumbled on a regular basis, and which is fearful that it will be landed with the blame when the entire edifice crumbles.

To use the language of authoritarianism and totalitarian control is always an unwise and evil act.  It will come back to haunt its perpetrators.  For every tinpot Haw-Haw, the Fabricants, Rees-Moggs and Melanie Phillipses of this world, time will be unforgiving and they may find the tumbrels arriving sooner than they think.  To denigrate and threaten those who dissent, oppose and challenge is both the act of traitors and a recognition of their lack of legitimacy.  Every time the morons on the right issue threats they are weakened.

Underneath the Parliamentary unravelling of the Tories, and May’s authority and control, there are a number of seismic shifts taking place.  For people who merely track opinion polls as a barometer of public sentiment, it is not obvious that this is occurring, as there remains an apathy towards Labour’s apparent inability to determine whether it is an enabler of evil or an active opposition.  Yet there are indications that a more fundamental rejection of the acquiescence in the Conservative narrative is under way.  This makes the task of opposition both urgent and harder.

For example, there is now evidence that the impact of austerity and Brexit is impacting on household confidence.  This is the Bank of England’s analysis, so, unless you are as morally bankrupt as John Redwood and require the manufacture of fake news, this does not bode well for the progress of the national suicide- a combination of inflation, household debt, falling real wages and job insecurity were not the sunlit uplands that the liars and charlatans spun as the inevitable conseqeunce of Brexit.  As the effects of suicidal policy emerge this will crystallise - and effective opposition will channel the outrage towards its true originators.

Added to this a continuing and steady shift in public opinion over the relationship with Europe, there is now more ammunition for those who seek to impose Parliamentary accountability over the idiots and charlatans squatting on the government benches.  The responsibility of legislators is not to act as cheerleaders and delegates for the unelected - if it looks as though the consequences of idiocy will play to badly then the early benefits of rebellion may develop further into a genuine cross-party and persistent denial of the architects of the right.

Perhaps the strongest, and least-remarked evidence of shape-shifting was the commencement of the Scottish Budget process.  I declare an interest in that I shall be one of those impacted by paying higher tax, and, on balance, I am pleased.  An honest recognition that to maintain and even improve services requires paying for, and that this is better done straightforwardly and upfront, rather than the tinkering of stealth taxation and mortgaging the future that both Labour and Tories have been guilty of over the last thirty years, may be a much more fundamental shift than any other.  Despite the carping of the right, a stoical approach and a recognition that the private and the public realms interact and require contemplation together does not appear to have created a whirlwind of dissent in Scotland.

Given that the Scottish Conservatives are being portrayed as a model for renewal of that vile rabble of selfish and ignorant careerists, this represents an object lesson in the impotence of their efforts. All their rhetoric was directed at tax rises, without any attempt to justify what should be cut.  By the by, Scottish Tories are experts at pork barrel politics, which the odious and incompetent David Mundell exploits at all times in Holyrood while enabling austerity at Westminster - the forked tongue of colonial satraps.  Not one Scottish Tory, despite previous protestations of pro-European views, found it possible to join their courageous colleagues in the national interest.

All early days, and the prognosis is uncertain.  There have been two defining moments in politics this year - May losing the election and the first parliamentary defeat.  However, the gathering storm of the lies and false prospectus of both austerity and the Brexit coup will form a backdrop to the febrile and discontented Christmas and New Year season, where editors and journalists seek sensation in the absence of evidence.  A government that legitimises and fails to condemn domestic terrorism in the name of keeping itself in power is unworthy, and when this is recognised the only growth industry will be defence lawyers and those widening the exit doors from a failed dictatorship.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

A Cabinet of wankers

Theresa May will be defined by masturbation.  Weak, impotent and buffeted by events that are beyond her comprehension but eminently predictable to all those who do not reduce our horizons to the confines of the internecine delusions of the far right, her government jerks on, incapable and unattractive.  Allied to the Conservative penchant for exhibitionism, the regime combines political and moral corruption with an economic illiteracy unparalleled since Winston Churchill’s inglorious tenure at the Treasury between 1924 and 1929.

Whether or not there is a police vendetta against Damian Green is moot, and even whether he had huge numbers of pornographic images on his computer would be an amusing diversion on the lines of the Majorite morality crusade, were it not for the application of inductive reasoning.  Green is, in case people had forgotten, one of the alleged Dirty Three Dozen Tories - only this time with a public allegation against him.  A classic tactic in these cases is to create false outrage about a related but containable issue.

What it does reveal, however, is the extent to which the howling fools and sinister manipulators of the right are in control of debate.  As many have observed, any public servant or most private-sector employee would be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal for possession of inappropriate images - and one would, in the light of the emerging endemic of sexism, abuse and bullying, expect that politicians should, in their putative role as leaders and exemplars, set a standard that as a minimum reflects that which they would apply to other, less entitled mortals.

Before moving on from the Kleenex to the world of onanistic politics, it should be noted in passing that the cretinous Nadine Dorries has publicly implied that she allows other people to access her computer using her log-in and password - which is more than usually moronic for the Tory equivalent of Kate Hoey. Given the suspicion over Russian interference and breaches of security sufficient to push the UK administration into barring anti-virus software where there are concerns over its intention, this is so stupid as to represent the Darwin Award Emeritus, and it would be fun to speculate that she will need a basic course on data security.

Meanwhile, in the world of narcissm and racism, the interaction between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Steve Bannon was publicised without a hint of surprise, although the anger at the third-rate Lord Haw-Haw’s conniving with Breitbart was clear.  Mogg spent his formative years in various disgusting cabals, including addressing far-right racist dinners, however much he denies it.  The Tories are clearly happy to allow this exhibitionist Farage-licker free rein.  He pops up with the foul hypocrites of the extreme right on regular occasions, a circle jerk of Redwood, Patterson, Bone and others which if May had any authority she would stamp out with a sermon on the evils of self-inflicted blindness.

This is a government in name only - with no authority and no interaction with the challenges that it should be facing.  When its social mobility commission exits as a block, citing the incapability of the administration to address it, it reinforces that every utterance May has emitted since her coronation and near-defenestration is hot air, windy and completely unaligned with the approach she is taking.  She plays fast and loose with facts, she has no conception of the unfolding risks of tragedy in Ireland both economically and politically.- morally she and her DUP allies will be responsible for any resurgence in terorrism and the breakdown of a painstaking process at unravelling centuries of damage.

All this fiasco and malevolence is fed through self-love - the Tories look into mirrors and see perfection in themselves, if they can see anything at all.  Ethically bankrupt, the hilarious report that David Davis will resign if Green has to fall on his handkerchief, reveals more about their priorities and values than any weighty pseudo-intellectual tome with Roger Scruton’s name on the bottom.  Either the right to do what the hell they want trumps justice, or they are fighting like rats in a sack about to be jettisoned - hoping to escape before their inadequacy, hypocrisy and turpitude consign them to oblivion.  If one had to identify a collective noun for wankers, there is an obvious choice.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

@truemagic68 - convenient patsy or utter idiot?

It is unwise, even in these times of treason, to assume that there is a level of stupidity to which the Brexit apologists will not sink.  An intriguing exhibit this week was a Tweet that has exacted a suitable range of snorting, derisory, satirical responses:

I assumed that this had emerged from the darker confines of somewhere within the Russian troll factory, possibly funded by the same cabal of plutocratic traitors who are now finding their involvement in the leave campaign somewhat embarrassing.  This was clearly a mistake.

It took me a couple of days, shorting sterling, talking the country down and engaging in intimate discussions with Michel Barnier and Donald Tusk, intermittently engaging in the general Twitter abuse that this kind of fuckwittery provides so effectively,  before I realised that this was not just another short-lived flash-in-the-pan Twitter account (rather like mine was intended to be, anonymous for professional reasons), but a smug, self-gratifying piece of poltroonery from someone quite prepared to publicise his complete disconnect from reality.

Naturally, since I am a lover of fake facts, it was but a small step from there to Wikipedia, which contains a page ripe for editing about Mr Buik MBE, who made his fortune in “financial services” and spread betting, the latter being even more amoral than the former.  Mr Buik, born in 1944, so probably too young for National Service, seems to combine both the cretinism of the forelock-tugging rats of the Moggian tendency and the assumption of the third-rate spivs who congregated around Thatcher that the possession of money gives you the right to trample roughshod over the community whose efforts, taxes and unfortunate complicity, put you in the privileged bubble from which you can vomit out such facile and evil garbage.

The hilarious nature of this Tweet should have gone unremarked within the intellectually-challenged assertions of the far right of which I suspect Mr Buik to be a denizen.  The falseness and imbecility of the argument is exposed from the outset - “call me naive” is always clickbait.  However, the mindset is straight out of the 1970s far right, a series of paranoid tinfoil assertions around the nature of democracy and the way in which it is the enemy within - in this case those of us who recognise that representative democracy does not cease through a corrupted and gerrymandered referendum - who are responsible for the consequences of other people’s actions.

The consequences of the Brexit policies being enacted by this government do not to be thwarted by the efforts of dissidents and subversives like me.  Their progenitors can do it all for themselves, without any help.  It is not possible to defy the laws of physics or the basic principles of economics, nor is it possible a collective myopia can descend to blot out the reality of the political nightmare that has been unleashed, especially as the coalescence of the economic storms results in indebtedness, inflation and the final removal of vestigial “feel good” myths still being touted by the right.

The “financial services” sector, however important it is at the moment, and might be in the future, despite the desired Brexit of the Buik tendency, is hardly in a position to lecture others on the proximate causes of success.  If it hadn’t been for the gunpoint largesse of the taxpayer and the pursuit of policies over decades that have favoured the parasitic over the productive or the contributor, the real economy might be in a position where it could resist the impacts of a lunatic policy multiplied by the madness and hypocrisy of zealots.  Spread betting is another extraction of surplus value, designed to further deplete wealth and provide profits to the leeches.

Blaming others is classic projection - a classic diversionary tactic of those who know that their entire worldview is based on contempt for the masses.  In many ways, this is a Marxist worldview warped into the kind of third-rate neoconservative drivel that we expect from the right-wing press.  It could emerge blinking from its hole into the commentary pages of the Torygraph or the Sunday Times, with equal asininity.

I’m sure that Buik was trying to elicit responses, and on that level he has succeeded and I have failed.  However, he does deserve to be called out as someone whose actions, in themselves, have been responsible for the disaster that even someone as apparently disconnected as him can recognise.  I can call out hypocrites and liars secure in the knowluedge that I did not vote to empower the current policy, nor have I ever voted for a party or candidate who has wobbled on European engagement and the promotion of genuine democracy, rather than the plebiscitary confirmation of decisions of immense complexity and long-term impact. That makes me both altruistic and patriotic, neither of which admirable qualities shine out from his idiotic Tweet.

As a provident remainer, aware of the consequences that the current delusion is shifting from extreme risk to the central scenario, I will take actions to protect myself.  I will engage in debate, and I will use my democratic rights to put my views forward.  It’s a small step from this kind of inflammatory twaddle to “arbeit macht frei”, and, given what else is going on within a broken and corrupted system, I wonder whether @truemagic68 and his ilk could do with further illumination.  Given the Twitter handle, it might be unwise to allocate the task to a Witchfinder-General.

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Budget, the Tories and BBC Stockholm Syndrome

Mentioning the B-word seems beyond the BBC.  Philip Hammond’s hand-wringing Budget with its woeful admission that there is no meaningful economic policy has been hailed by the Tories as a triumph, which reveals more than anyone should have to put up with.  As an exercise in studied incompetence and fiddling while the building collapses it was a further reminder of the moral vacuum and selfishness that fuels this government.

The delusions of the Brexit brigade are well-documented.  Only a couple of weeks ago the right-wing press and the BBC gave pride of place to a demented piece of drug-fuelled cretinism from an astroturf group entitled Economists for Free Trade - in reality a further publicity stunt by fascist fellow-travellers such as Patrick Minford and Jacob Rees-Mogg - that suggested sunlit uplands post-national suicide.  Instead, Hammond was presented with the reality that even modest growth to allow for the protection and promotion of public services is now beyond an economy that has inflicted self-harm on a scale never before attempted.

Hammond, being a suave and sophisticated political operator, knows that the blame will stick to him, which is why the entire force of Tory cheerleaders has been brought to bear on blaming the current Labour Party for the financial crash of 2008.  For those of us with long memories, the Tory front bench was doing a similar diversionary trick in the last weeks of the Major government, eighteen years after the Callaghan administration had breathed its last.  Most economically-literate observers would note that Brown and Darling did a startlingly-effective job in mitigating the impacts of previous policy errors by both parties, and that the reheated entrails of neoconservative deregulation, however much they are desired by our home-grown Putin and Trump apologists, do not form the basis for either a stable or a happy society.

For a government hemmed in by bribery, corruption and incompetence, without a majority, no Budget can be exciting.  If it wasn’t for Labour’s self-inflicted impotence, the Opposition would be making hay at the moment - when the IFS signals a two to three decade stagnation in pay, alongside the destruction of services and the public realm, this should be open season on the orthodoxy and the double-speak that somehow makes this virtuous.  We can rest assured that the Tory millionaires, for whom politics is pin money and an opportunity to play games with other people’s lives, will not be adversely affected by their malignant stupidity.

For a large, major economy, the prospects are dire.  Anyone pointing out that productivity is strongly correlated to investment is ignored - yet since the advisory referendum capital investment has fallen off a cliff.  Not exactly encouraging risk-taking and entrepreneurship, the lie that was fed to us by the Leave campaigners in the run-up to the poll is now coming home to roost.  For those of us who saw this coming, it was never going to be an immediate disaster - Project Fear foresaw the slow-motion multiplication of problems that we are now experiencing.  The return of stagflation, and the wanton destruction of the bases on which economic and social growth can be built are actions of criminal negligence for which politicians should be at best ejected and at worst impeached.

Yet not a word of the causal relationship is breathed on the BBC.  Its news outlets constantly fail to make any link between a national piece of self-harm and the economy, preferring instead to peddle the delusion that the nasty European Union is deliberately setting out to damage the Disunited Kingdom.  There is no link between ignorant and crass politicians in Westminster and the emerging crisis over Ireland, North and South, but all blame must attach to an institution of which Eire is a committed and constructive member.  Our obligations as a member are apparently to be wiped out without a murmur, and because the EU won’t accept this it is apparently undermining the entire edifice on which the Brexit lie is founded.

It is obvious that the lunatics are rattled - there is a flare-up of the “get behind Brexit” accusations of treason and closure of debate.  This is encouraging.  A government of incompetent fraudsters and half-witted traitors is there for the taking, but it needs to be harried on all sides.  At the same time, we need to call out the incompetents, the imbeciles and collaborators in the BBC, which has let itself down and all those of us who want the debate to be conducted on the basis of evidence rather than as staged, third-race gladiatorial combat.